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Central European Petroleum Ltd. expanded its exploration activities into Poland by participating in the first hydrocarbon concessions licensing round in 2016 after successfully completing the pre-qualification procedure. Following the competitive process which follows the European Union Directive 94/22, CEP was awarded the Wolin Concession in northwest Poland in December 2017. The Onshore/ Offshore License is flanked by, and on trend with, two conventional gas-bearing reservoirs where 6 successful wells have been drilled to date.

Asset Location


The Wolin Concession is an Onshore/ Offshore License Block located in Northwestern Poland along the Polish-German border and Baltic coast, 50 km North of Szczecin

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Latest News


CEP Granted Environmental Decision for 2nd Onshore Well

Aug 4th, 2023


CEP Granted Environmental Decision for Offshore Drilling in Poland

Aug 30th, 2022


Introducing the potential >300 MMboe Wolin Opportunity in the western part of the Polish sector of the Baltic Sea.

Aug 20th, 2021


CEP Granted Environmental Decision For Onshore Drilling in Poland

Nov 16th, 2020


Minister of Environment of Poland Issues Security Deposit Requirement for Wolin License

Aug 1st, 2018


CEP Granted Affirmative Environmental Decision For Seismic Acquisition In Poland

Jul 31st, 2018


Central European Petroleum Announces Receipt of Wolin License

Dec 1st, 2017