Central European Petroleum

CEP Central European Petroleum GmbH

CEP Central European Petroleum GmbH ist ein deutsches Erdöl- und Erdgasunternehmen mit Sitz in Berlin, das in den Bundesländern Brandenburg und Mecklenburg-Vorpommern nach Fördermöglichkeiten für Erdöl und Erdgas sucht. Click to view more.

Central European Petroleum Ltd SP Zoo

Central European Petroleum Ltd SP Zoo Registered in Poland in 2017, is a wholly-owned affiliate of Central European Petroleum Ltd. pursuing petroleum exploration opportunities in Poland. Click to view more.

About Us

Who We Are

Central European Petroleum Ltd., registered in Calgary, Canada in 2006, and its wholly-owned affiliates, CEP Central European Petroleum GmbH, registered in Germany in 2008, and Central European Petroleum Ltd SP Zoo, registered in Poland in 2017, were set up to pursue petroleum exploration opportunities in the European Union.

What We Do

As a medium-size company based in Canada and carrying out its operations in Germany and Poland, our main concern and objective is to establish a sustainable relationship of trust with local and regional authorities, residents, and other interest groups while taking the needs of all stakeholders and the environment into account.

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Latest News


Introducing the potential >300 MMboe Wolin Opportunity in the western part of the Polish sector of the Baltic Sea.

Aug 20th, 2021


CEP Granted Environmental Decision For Onshore Drilling in Poland

Nov 16th, 2020