Our Commitment and Responsibility

What we are focused on

Our Commitment and Responsibility

As medium-size company based in Canada and carrying out most its operations in Germany, our main concern and objective is to establish a sustainable relationship of trust with local and regional authorities, residents, and other interest groups while taking the needs of all stakeholders and the environment into account. CEP is committed to the following:

  • Providing a safe workplace for its employees and contractors; - Conducting its operations in a way that minimizes waste and minimizes impact on the environment; - Adherence to the highest standards of business ethics and employment practices. The company has developed a comprehensive health, safety and environment management system based on ISO/OHSAS standards. The company:

  • Sets HSEQ standards (for itself and its contractors) that are in line with best industry practice and compliant with all relevant legislation; - Monitors and records performance against these standards; - Reviews performance and implements measures to ensure continuous improvement.

    For more information on CEP's committment to corporate social responsibility, please click here (German).